Come one and all to the Kingdom Feast!

This event, An Tir’s Kingdom Feast and Bardic Celebration, hosted by the Crown of An Tir, is not to be missed! From across this Kingdom's vast lands those that desire nothing more than to create fantastic foods will gather at the edge of the raging Ocean to foment and do their will. So please, journey forth to the Feast and join the cooks and enjoy the fruits of their most valiant and noble efforts!

The Event is in Preliminary Planning Stages!

But we know some details already! The theme is a feast for the ambassadors for the suitors of Queen Elizabeth I: A Tour of the Known World.

Feast Dates:

12-14 October 2018. We are already working on courses and dishes, so start salivating now!

Feast Location:

Ocean Shores Convention Center, Ocean Shores, WA 98569

Feast Hotel

We've a new, fabulous, hotel: The Morning Glory Hotel. See the Site page for more information.