There will be dancing! Depending upon the dancers, the Dance Coordinator would like to teach some of the more advanced dances during the day, so they can be performed without instruction during the ball. There will also be basic dances during the day, with Live Music from the Camp Fromage Band. Some of the dances will be from the Amoroso and Bransle Groups.

The Feast's Masqued Ball will be on Saturday!

The music for the Ball will be live, from the Camp Fromage Band!

And Remember, prepare for the ball by making your own mask! The masks will be displayed on a table during the day, for all to admire! There will be a prize for the best hand made mask (as determined by a small panel of judges. Entries can be an Adult or Youth/Child levels. HE Ana, feast steward, will be making the prizes which are custom silk banners of your design choice - to be created and delivered at a later date.

Tentative Set List

  • Queen's Alman
  • Half Hannigan
  • Gathering Peascods
  • Black Alman
  • Black Nag
  • Petite Rose
  • Le Bens Distonys
  • Petit Vriens
  • Heralds in love
  • Bonny Bonny Broom
  • Amoroso
  • Turdion
  • Villanella
  • Old Mole
  • Newcastle
  • My Lady Cullen
  • Sellenger's Round
  • Contrapasso from Chigi Manuscript