Arts and Sciences at the Feast

What do you do while you are waiting for a course? Working out the kinks after sitting for a bit? When you want to explore the surroundings?

One thing to do is come see the various Arts and Sciences (and Bardic!!) displays and demos that will be at the Feast. We are currently asking for people to volunteer to display the cool stuff they have made, are doing, are interested in and more!

The Theme

The Arts and Sciences theme for 2018 is inspired by the theme for the feast Feast for the Ambassadors for the Suitors of Queen Elizabeth I: A Tour of the Known World. Each course for the feast features foods from the various homeland areas of the Ambassadors. Therefore, the Arts and Sciences displays will feature items and more from each of those homeland areas. Currently the list of areas includes: France, Germany, the Netherlands, Russia/Slavic nations, Italy, England, and Spain (perhaps?).

If you have items or ideas pertaining to those areas, if you know about the particular ethnic cultures of those areas, please consider displaying your items and knowledge in the Arts and Sciences at the Feast! We would love to have you! If you want to volunteer in any other way, we'd love to have you! If you know of someone who is particularly noteworthy in studying the cultures listed above, we'd be extremely grateful to be put in touch with them.

And finally, if you have other ideas, something that doesn't fit in the above but that you'd really like to display, let us know! We'll do our best to accommodate!

To volunteer and/or for more information, please contact Magistra Aelianora de Wyntringham and/or THL Tachibana Tsukime.

The Scribal Arts at the Feast

There will be a scribal arts and informational display at the feast. There will also be paint and charters available for people who wish to do scribal arts. And finally, there will be an Iron Scribal on Saturday. The winner(s) will be announced in court. For more information contact the scribal coordinator for the event, HL Yladwige Radomowska.