Resources for the Cooks and their Teams at the Kingdom Feast

The Kitchens at the Convention Center Have:

  • 8 stand alone cooking ovens
  • 2 cooking and holding ovens
  • one 8 top spider top (gas burners) with conventional oven below
  • five foot flat top grill
  • double basket deep fryer
  • huge tilt skillet (it is for making large
  • amounts of gravy, soup or scrambled eggs-you get the idea
  • ice machine
  • walk-in cooler
  • double door freezer
  • char broiler
  • dish washer
  • two portable refers
  • 4 portable warmers
  • place settings for 800
  • commercial mixer
  • four large coffee-hot water brewing units

Payments, Advances, Reimbursements

Remember: Receipts will be required for everything for your course, whether you obtain an advance which is subsequently reconciled, or a reimbursment, so don't throw any receipts away!

The event exchequer adds:
As soon as you are ready to start purchasing supplies and have a clear final view of your financial needs, please contact me and we’ll figure out the best way to get you financed.

If a specific branch (other than the Kingdom directly) is sponsoring your course, I would very much like a copy of you complete set of receipts (.pdf sent to me is the best) so that we can put these figures in the final financial report for the event. If you want to snail-mail me a set of copies, contact me and we’ll make those arrangements.

For those who are purchasing supplies themselves and turning in receipts for reimbursement, please let us know in advance as best you can what your anticipated costs will be (be they higher or lower than your original estimate) so that we can be prepared to cover them. I’ll have the check-book available, check reimbursement forms, and a second signer on site to cover your costs right then instead of having to wait several weeks for a check in the mail.

Servers for the Courses

The executive server, Ducessa Hlutwige Wolfkiller, has planned to have each course served buffed style. If the cooks have special requirements she will need to know that soon so she can continue to track down servers.

Here's a few pictures of the kitchen at the Convention Center.