Come one and all to the Kingdom Feast!

This event, An Tir’s Kingdom Feast and Bardic Celebration, hosted by the Crown of An Tir, is not to be missed! From across this Kingdom's vast lands those that desire nothing more than to create fantastic foods will gather at the edge of the raging Ocean to foment and do their will. So please, journey forth to the Feast and join the cooks and enjoy the fruits of their most valiant and noble efforts!

Registration is CLOSED!

Registration closed on 22 October. Thank you all for registering and honoring this great event with your presence!

What's happening at the Feast?

To find out what's happening at the feast see the various pages under activities on the menu above. There you will find the schedule for the event, information about Arts and Sciences, Tourneys, Dancing, Bardic and Games happening at the feast.

What is Kingdom Feast?

(A Wonderful Explanation Written by the Originator of the Kingdom Feast!)

As you enter, a highly decorated hall greets you as you approach the registration gate. Check in with the folks there and you will receive a schedule and be welcomed to the event.

Looking at the timepiece you realize it should be about time for First Breakfast. (8am)

All you need to bring with you is your drinking vessel they said, and 'tis true, the event provides clean service for each and every course. Sit wherever you wish they say, aye, 'tis true as well, you can sit wherever you delight and change seats as you will. Eat from whatever courses you wish, skip some if necessary and come back for dessert; or have some of them all, we hope you will!

Bardic Celebrations will happen they say, and 'tis true, performances happen regularly throughout the day on several stages throughout the venue; please give the bards your ear. May there be some dancing? Why yes, in the feast hall there shall be live music and dances, please check the schedule. Brought your armor? Fencing gear close at hand?

Not to worry, there are competitions in both skills starting sometime around second breakfast. (10am)

Brought your handwork? We welcome the Arts and Sciences at the event, you will find several displays happening in the ante rooms off of the foyer, please stop in and have a chat with them; bring a chair to sit with them and do your handwork.

Feeling a bit peckish in the late morning? Luncheons starts sharply at 12 Noon!

Looking for a good medieval game to catch your eye? In the Games room off the foyer you will find a grand selection of period games to tempt your brain and hone your skills.

By now your nose is telling you that Dinner is about ready; the big meal of the day. The timepiece says it is 2pm. There is a three hour break before a light supper (5pm), an ideal period for your afternoon nap.

After all that, and still have energy? Need to work off that scrumptious dessert course (served at 8 pm)? The masked ball could be your answer! It will be held in the main hall shortly after the empty plates of the dessert course are removed; it is going to be a lovely night for dancing.

The first tentative schedule has arrived! Find it on the schedule page!

This Year's Theme

This year's emphasis for the feast is SPAIN! Spain has a wonderful culinary history, with a mixture of Moorish and European foods. Our teams of cooks will work hard to present a true and authentic picture of the tastes of Medieval Spain! As at past Kingdom Feasts, there will be six courses, served throughout the day from morning until evening.

At this event, in addition to the selection of marvelous foods, you will find all the Bardic talent of the Kingdom. And they will be grateful if you provide them a willing audience and allow yourself to be entertained by them. You will also have the opportunity to immerse yourself in a great display of Arts and Sciences throughout the day. Saturday night, after the feast, there will be a grand masked ball held in the Convention Center. You will not want miss this!

There are also tournaments being planned for the fighters of the Kingdom and there will be a Tavern (Games room) for playing and socializing.

Medieval Spanish Plate Sets!

A wonderful An Tirian couple, Baron Duncan McDonald (the potter) and Mistress Sine (the painter), made plate and bowl sets for sale at the feast. These plates and bowls were done in a Spanish style, and were available for purchase for 40$ with registration. If you have purchased a set, go to the display tables in the Arts and Sciences area to pick out the set you desire!

The pictures below (all © 2016 Lorie Bolduc/White Hart Pottery) are examples of pottery made and decorated by Mistress Sine. These are examples of her work; the designs available at the feast will differ, and there will be many more of them.

Why Must I Register for the Feast?

As Coordinator for the past occurrences of AnTir's Kingdom Feast and Bardic Celebration I would like to thank you all for the fabulous support you have shown for the event. Each year, we have required registration (or pre-registration as we called it) for the feast. We do this because we need to know exactly how many people are going to attend; so we can have enough food to feed everyone. Remember, this event is all about the feast. All the other things that happen at this event are carefully planned for the personal experience of the feast goers, they are all tied together, and this is why only those who are registered are able to attend the event on Saturday!

Thank you for your understanding.